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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Reading Minutes Forgery!

So, Hailey's kindergarten teacher has given her/us a planner and asked us to write down the minutes she is read to (or reads herself, heaven forbid) every day. Being the busy mother I am, I often (and I mean OFTEN) forget to write down such things. The other component of this is that Hailey is such an independant little thing, her reading often has little to do with me. Apparently Miss Smith (our lovely kindergarten teacher) hadn't counted on such a thing. But who ever counts on Hailey?

The school has a reward system for kids who behave well. They get Cougar awards which can be turned in at the end of the month for prizes. Reading the appropriate amount (determined by the district to be 15 minutes/day for kindergarteners) in a month gets you quite a few cougars, or so I hear. So today is the last day of March, I thought I should make a cursory effort to record my daughter's learning and opened up her planner. I didn't recall having opened the thing in about 6 weeks. To my surprise, marked in very careful pencil on each day in March was 100 minutes. I asked Hailey and she said she had written that in. I asked her if she had really read for 100 minutes every day and she said no, but she wanted a lot of cougars. Trying to contain my laughter, I told her we had to be honest and I would write a note to the teacher affirming that she had read about 15-20 minutes a day this month. We talked about honesty a little (gonna have to come back to that one) and on a whim, I turned back to February. In the same careful handwriting was a much more accurate account of her reading each day in February. Complete with a couple zero days and 40
minutes on the day we had gone to the library. I figure she recorded her own minutes for a month, then discovered that she could write whatever she wanted and picked 100 as a good round number that would get her a lot of cougars.

Oh my heck. My daughter...

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Litercy and missionary work

Not exactly a Haileyism, but impressive nonetheless,
The message board outside her school currently reads:
Family Litercy Night, Weds 7:00

I would think a letter fell off, but it reads the same on both sides. Read up, folks. Litercy is Important!

In other news, Hailey has chosen a new career for herself, inspired by her uncle who is currently serving in Dallas Texas, Hailey wants to be a missionary when she grows up. This will be added to the list of: firegirl (female firefighter), legislator, midwife, engineer, computer girl and circus acrobat. Fear and tremble, you depraved world, Hailey Carter is on her way!

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