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Thursday, August 09, 2007

45 random questions

1. Who is the last person who touched your butt? Um, my husband.
2. Last awkward moment? Well, you just asked who last touched my butt. That was fairly awkward.
3. Who do you find yourself crushing on currently? Heehee. I'm not telling. He reads this blog. And he touched my butt today.
4. Have you ever fallen backwards down a set of stairs? Forward yes, Sideways, yes, Backward, no.
5. Ever been to a friend's house and starved the whole time? I can't think of a time that's happened. I think if I was there long enough to get really hungry, I've stayed too long.
6. Ever found more than a dollar in a random place? Define random. I found $26 in my paypal account randomly.
7. Name someone close to you who smokes cigarette? Huh. Funny thing, I can't.
9. When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go? Uh...usually I catch something they've dropped and decide whether to throw it at them or put it away. My life's too busy to chase people that didn't come out of me.
10. Have you ever been corrected at your workplace? Ha! HAHAHAHAHA. HA! I'll post about this 'so-called' question later.
11. Has anyone ever been more important to you than a family member? Yes. But then we started our own family. Problem solved.
12. Do you still see any of your ex's? No. Moving away helps a lot.
13. Last time you smiled & laughed? At a joke on a message board. Oh snap.
14. What do you do when a telemarketer calls? Hang up. Unless I'm in a bad mood. In which case I harass them. And then hang up.
15. Would life be the same without alcohol? I don't drink alcohol. And we have hydrogen peroxide. So...pretty similar, at least.
16. Would you go a month without washing your hair to save a loved one? Heck, I'd do it to spite a loved one.
17. Have you had "the best night of your life"? Every night is the best night of my life, since the children started sleeping when it's dark. They just get better and better.
18. Do you think your current pets will be alive ten years from now? Pets? Or did you mean children. At least two of the three, I think.
19. When was your last bubble bath? too long ago.
20. Do you know anyone by the name of Dennis? Yes. He was my boss for 3 years and is still a friend. Really a great guy.
21. What was the last thing you ate? white chocolate and pecan Hershey's miniature. I was not impressed.
22. Where is your pet right now? this computer
23. Name five things you did yesterday: made cookies that failed, bought pizza with Muum's money, reread a chapter of Harry Potter 7 I wasn't sure about, washed dishes, flooded my neighbor's yard (on accident!)
25. How many kids do u want? All of them. Which is lucky, I understand they're hard to get rid of.
26. Current outfit: brown pants, brown shirt, pink socks.
27. What color are your eyes? a hazely brown
28. Did you do any chores today? dishes (twice)
29. What are you doing tomorrow? Lots of stuff. Baking. Maybe writing. Going to the temple with the huz. What are YOU doing?
30. Do you know someone who likes you? I know lots of people. The majority seem to like me.
31. Have you ever had a friend named Fred, Frank, or Felipe? Sassy's dearly departed fish was named Frank. Does that count?
32. Name three people you met in the past two months? Krista, last night...that's all I can think of right now.
33. What color is your hair? Chocolate with honey highlights. (yes, my hair makes me hungry)
34. what were you doing 10 minutes ago? Trying to convince the three amigos to move away from the front door so I could unlock it
35. Have you ever said "I Love You" and not meant it? Hm. I love almost everybody in some way. I've probably not meant it in the way someone wanted me to, though.
36. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? better, a husband. A boyfriend who you don't even expect to call anymore, but pays bills and mows the lawn for you
37. What is the closest green object to you? Countertop
39. Do you still have feelings for anyone from your past? Feeeeelings? LOL. So lame. No. I hope old boyfriends are happy and living great lives. I hope I didn't trash their lives as much as they thought I did when we broke up.
41. Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits, ya.
42. have you eaten popcorn in the last 48 hours? ...48? Yes.
43. Do you have a lot of female friends? Yes.
44. Do you have a friend with benefits? My husband. Medical and dental.
45. Who was the last person you drove with? The three amigos.

And now, a random number of tagees. Because I believe the children are our future. And you are the future of this meme. Magically Mama, Real and Volts.


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Monday, August 06, 2007

School Shopping

Tried on:
3 white blouses
2 pair "khak"s (that's what the kids call them, Mom, khaks)
1 polo shirt
1 sweater

Ordered and Received:
2 navy jumpers
2 plaid jumpers
4 white blouses

10 shoes (2 pair athletic, light-up, 3 pair black leather, Sunday/school)
76 socks (white angle, except for 16 multi-colored)
4 tights (3 black, 1 white, 2 thick, 2 thin)

Thrown Away:
10 shoes, including 2 unmatched

In the DI box:
6 pairs of shoes, outgrown

Mom, 1


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