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Sunday, September 04, 2005


So, we're getting ready for SCHOOL! After 8 months on the waiting list, we're in. I couldn't be happier. Not that I wasn't enjoying homeschooling--it was really one of the best experiences we've ever had as a family. But it was stressing me out as we approached this year. And this school is great. Navigator Pointe Academy. (Ya, I think the olde tyme "E" on Pointe is a little much, but whatcha gonna do?)

It's a charter school, which, if you're not familiar, means that it is operated by the public school system (no tuition) but operates much more like a private school. Parents have to sign their child up (and there's usually a waiting list!) and in this particular school, commit to working 20 hours per year with the school as a volunteer. The kids wear uniforms and the teachers are hand picked. There are lower teacher-student ratios than normal because the school also employs at least one instructor (think assistant teacher) per class. The curriculum is Core Knowledge and Saxon Math and other good stuff that I checked out when shopping for my own curriculum as a homeschooler. AND we have a carpool buddy set up. Life is good. I'll post pictures of the first day of school, not to worry.

In other news, I had my birthday this weekend and managed to burn my arm with bacon grease. Second degree. It might scar. I attain much status among males aged 4-45. I gain pity from other women.

A pan of bacon spatters you for 94 points of damage.
You have gained experience!
You gain a level! You are now level 28.

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