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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tori-ism and Hailey goes corporate

Tori has a new saying: "What that means?" She brings written material to me or anyone else she knows can read (Hailey's been a popular target today) and asks, "What this means?"

Hailey has started her own business. If this surprises you, you obviously haven't been reading this blog long enough. After a brief focus group comprised of myself and her siblings, she decided to buck the traditional lemonade (we were out) and go for popsicles. So far she has sold three and made 75 cents. She's considering reinvesting her profits in the business and expanding into candy bars. She's also convinced her little sister (What this means, Hailey?) to run up and down the sidewalk screaming "POPSICLES!" Ah, advertising. She also offers adults who accompany children to buy popsicles a free one, noting that they never accept, but "It makes me look really nice." Where's Donald Trump's email? I want to make a nomination for The Apprentice-Elementary Edition.

On the plus side, it's keeping her busy this afternoon and we're getting some good practice counting money. Go go homeschooling momma!

It's Ender's birthday today. Two years ago I was just waking up from my post-birthing nap. What a lovely day that was. He's celebrated so far by singing Happy Birthday to himself several times and having a massive tantrum in Toys R Us (HATE THAT PLACE). We're planning cake (I got to choose the flavor for a change), pizza and balloons tonight. Two year olds are so easy to impress.

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