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Friday, May 30, 2008

All the Pretty Ponies

So, I found this new site. For my girls.

It's called and believe me when I say, this is where girly goes to get its groove back.

It's ponies. Remember 20 years ago when the pictures of unicorns in front of a sparkling waterfall or a glittering moon were all the rage? There was lots of purple involved.

Yes, it's back. Maybe it never went away and I'm just aware of it now that I have girls that age. It's a private site that you must register for, but they do request a parent email so you can check in and see what your little stablehands are up to. Private means there is no interaction between your little girl and others playing on the site. None.

And's a world of girly games.
Riding a winged horse through the clouds to collect flowers and dew. Riding your horse in a steeplechase. Using a magic bubble wand to catch butterflies and fireflies. Earning horseshoes to buy little doodads for your house. Gathering rockets for the nightly firework show over the castle.

And of course....caring for your horse. Feeding, cleaning, brushing your faithful equine, who gives you "positive messages" like:
Share life's richness with all people and creatures on earth
Believe in your dreams - You can do anything.

I know. But somehow it seems less corny coming from a soulful-eyed horse.

Now, lest you think this runs on internet magic and sparkly dust, let me tell you the truth. There's money involved. That is, you can play on the site for free with your starter horse, Peter. But, if you'd like to have more, fancier horses, you can buy cards.

Like Pokemon cards, but with ponies. I have three.


Well, maybe I've played a little bit on the site. Maybe I'm a grand champion rocket clicker. Everyone watches my fireworks shows.

Maybe my favorite horse is named Lakota.


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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Summer Cavalcade of Carnivalish Fun

The links are all for our summer plans, but similar things are probably going on in your community. For example, in Magna, our local theater has free kids movies during the week. Most community theaters have steeply discounted matinees during the summer. Find out!

Free Movies
Library events
Learn something new
Help someone out
Bedtime reading
Watch Dad in a race
Sleep in a tipi

What do you have planned for this summer?

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