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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'll be wearing khakis and sweaters this fall

This is not a fashion blog. I have a certifiable fashion disability. My sister chooses my best clothes. But this...I cannot not comment on this. When, exactly, did ugly come back in style?

  • the earrings I actually like
  • the chunky necklace...not my thing, but alright
  • sequinned or bead-embellished T-shirt..
  • faux fur lining on a zippered AND buckled sweater?! Why?

  • first, let's talk about the colors. Shades of green. That's me, the color I'm turning as I look at this. Shades of GREEN, people!
  • the scarf. Wow. It takes a lot of confidence to pull something like that off. Oh, wait, did I say confidence? I meant XANAX!
  • The spandex (or is that vacuum-packed) blouse. With, could it be? sequin details? Wow.
  • And the sweatervest. Even if the picture hasn't loaded yet, you know...there is no excuse for a sweatervest. Ever. Unless you are male and under the age of excuse.

  • ruched
  • camo
  • capris

I ask you...what did we do to deserve this? WHAT?

They look like they came out of an 80s Michael Jackson video. Probably Thriller. If someone can make this into an animation dancing to thriller...that would be good for a Halloween graphic.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

More climbing pics

You can see the snow in these.

And at the gym, after we gave up on the great outdoors.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

The Climb!

So Saturday I arrived at the Climb 4 Life to find snow on the ground and a dusting on the mountain tops. Slushy snow, but keep in mind, we met in Salt Lake City (about 4300 ft. elevation). After a quick clinic to make sure all us newbie climbers weren't going to let each other fall to our deaths, we headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon and hiked up to our climb (around 5-6000 ft. elevation).

As the first climber started, it started to cloud over. We talked about going to a gym. I said "Let me get one climb in on the mountain, I haven't been in ages." So up I went.

Famous last words. It was COLD! About 40 degrees. My fingers started to go numb. I'm a little out of shape. Not as bad as this pic looks, though. That's a very puffy coat our guide loaned me. So I get about halfway up, and I'm barely hanging on, trying to figure out my next move when...can you guess? Yup...snow. LOTS OF SNOW. And wind. And my fingers are now completely numb. I came down (didn't even make it up more than 15 feet) and we decided to go to a gym. As my fingers thawed out, OUCHie! I broke 4 fingernails and scraped one of my fingers real good. Makes me look rugged, like a tough climber chick. It was beautiful up there. No doubt about it.

We went to a couple of local gyms, and hopefully I'll get pictures of that emailed to me soon and can post them. Overall we had a great time. I raised more than my goal, so thanks to everyone who donated. The Climb 4 Life this year raised $126,180. Not bad for a bunch of crazies with ropes. And the sponsors gave us each swag bags--favorite thing from mine?

These socks from Fox River. They're the best, warmest, comfiest socks ever. Seriously. These are the kind of socks I want when I ask for socks for Christmas. These. Exact. Socks.

I had a spectacular time, despite having to spend Sunday in recovery with a head cold (could it be that clinging to a wall of cold rock in the wind and snow is hard on your body? naw...) and sore muscles. Must work out.

Again, thanks to everyone who donated. Ovarian Cancer is scared of us. Rawr.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ovarian Cancer!

I Climb For Life this weekend. You can view my other blog for more details (there's even a quiz!) or just donate here. You know you love your ovaries (or possibly someone else's).

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Rearview mirror

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What a crock!

My husband's family is large enough that we get together once a month to celebrate birthdays. That gathering was Sunday, for my neice and I. Barbeque in the park, with cake. She got a Hello Kitty sound-enabled backpack (so she can turn her MP3 player into a boombox?) and a Care Bear train set, among other things. She's 6 and was very excited about new curtains for her room. Her little sister and E ran around the park happily until they both fell down and had to be comforted with birthday cookies. Then they ran around with cookies.

I got a gift card, a kitchen nifty (one of those things you drop in with boiling eggs to tell you when they're done) and a crock pot cookbook. I mused aloud (why do I do that?) that maybe I should buy a crock pot. What? Edge doesn't have a crock pot? How can this be?

Well, I had one, once. But it got gross. Baked on...something. I let it soak. For a week. It was revolting. I couldn't touch it. Vomitrotrious. (seriously, I was pregnant) And so, in a fit of poor-homemaking rage, I took it out to the dumpster more crockpot.

But now they have these dealies. For protecting crockpots You all know how I love dealies. Especially those that prevent the need for dishwashing. They do cost between $.40 and $.80 each, depending on how many you buy at a time. For me, it's worth it. Crockpotopia, here I come!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years ago...

A two year old climbed into my lap awkwardly, over my belly, her sister, which was just starting to prevent me from carrying her around, and asked:
"Is this one of the things on TV that is real, or something that is pretend?"

And I cried and said, "It's real, sweetie. But we don't have to watch it anymore." And I changed the channel, grateful for the public TV station that opted to continue children's programs all day, the only respite from the looping footage of horror.

I called my mother and she said, "They want us to be frightened. That's why they're called terrorists. Don't be scared. Don't let them win. Do what you would normally do. And pray for those families."

So I did. And I still do.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Modesty Matters

Modesty matters.

Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer posted about Modesty, and she and Everyday Mommy started this: Moms for Modesty. This is so important.

Do we think that rates of child abuse, kidnappings and child pornography are because of the internet? Hormones in our meat? Possibly, but more likely is that our culture sexualizes children, especially our little girls. We need to choose modest clothes for our daughters, and ourselves, to set the example. Not frumpy, not ugly. Modest clothes can be attractive and fun. Let's protect our daughters from prying eyes and minds. Let's protect our sons and brothers and all the men from the temptation to see girls as women and to see women as objects. Men are accountable, too. But have you ever considered how hard it is for a recovering alcoholic to be in a bar? Some people have powerful urges or curiosities that are harmful, both to themselves and others. Why torture them? Why introduce the idea to young men or boys that girls are nothing more than bodies to please them? Because it's cute?

That's not cute. That's revolting.

Sign up and show your report. There's a petition at:, whether you're a mom, an aunt, a dad, an uncle, or just for crying out loud, a person who likes children. Protect our kids.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Funniest Things song

(to the tune of My Favorite Things, The Sound of Music)

Daily Free Funnies and ugly knit-mania*
A Mother's Day card and rapping for Narnia
Hoops and Yoyo give you a nice scream
These are a few of the funniest things

College spasmodic** and Strongbad's new candy
Knock knock jokes are completely uncalled for
Swedish chef makes meatballs and also, he sings
These are a few of my funniest things

Automatic compliments and Napoleon dances
Ernie and Bert in a boat calling fishes
Playing an X-box and the romance it brings,**
These are a few of my funniest things

When the day bites
When the kids whine
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember these hilarious things
And then I don't feel so bad

I forgot one: Dancing Matt.

(While all the links above are quite funny and I would say, a PG-13 rating or lower, some of them may not be for children. For your assistance, *=language I wouldn't want my kids to read or hear, **=adult themes such as "making love" or random, blacked-out nudity that may make kids giggle or ask questions. I made this to help people laugh, not make them angry.)

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Summer is over

Scenes like this are weekend events only. Big H is back at school, with its new playground, and her new teacher. She says she likes school and the first day was fun because, "I didn't learn one thing all day long, Mom." Ha. Guerilla learning, for the win!

We're starting Joy School with T&E next week. It's a co-op preschool program that is lots of fun. I'm excited for the little ones and for me too. I'm sure more pictures and stories will follow.

In other news, I have a birthday this weekend, turning not-quite-30. And my Muum got her Master Gardener certification. I'm really proud of her and in honor of this accomplishment:

a new banner!
Fun with Picture Tube! ((Sassy or I will help you put it up))

Congratulations, Muum!

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