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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Seven Things About Me

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  1. Whenever I take medications, I get the side effects. Every.Single.Time. Antidepressants make me nauseous and jumpy. Birth control makes me depressed. Lortab knocks me out. Sudafed makes me anxiety-prone and wakes me up at night. Sleeping pills make me think the world is coming to an end. Advil and Tylenol seem to be pretty safe. Mostly I avoid drugs when I can. Safer that way.
  2. I am...particular. That is to say, picky. I like things the way I like them and that's the way it is. Example: My favorite breakfast is yogurt and granola. Low-fat, organic, plain (not vanilla!) yogurt of a certain brand, and granola, made from my recipe by me with real maple syrup and nuts but not fruit. Clothes are the same. This often leads to the perception that I hate everything. Almost. I hate everything except the things I like. I like some things. Just not many things.
  3. I sometimes hide things around my house to find later. Chocolate, projects, etc. My memory is not that good, and I love surprises. I forget about things and then get to rediscover them later. Some people call this clutter. I call it fun.
  4. I don't wear perfume. I used to, before I got married. We discovered on our honeymoon that the huz is quite allergic to alcohol-based perfumes. So I don't wear them anymore. I do love scents, though--flowers, essential oils, candles. They're all over the house. I just am careful not to use the extra-strong or alcohol-based ones.
  5. This has to do with #2, but I have a strong kinesthetic base to the way I see the world. I often say, "It just feels..." But the pickiness thing means I have textures I just do not like. Spaghetti and linguine, for example. Ick. Feels like they're going to crawl down my throat before I'm done chewing. Also...uncooked meat, I hate touching. I could do my own cooking show showing how to cook without touching the meat. What other things... avocados, gelatin... It's not how it tastes, it's how it feels.
  6. My head is shaped like a heart. That's what my daughter tells me when I do my hair like this>>>>>> What? You don't do your hair like that?
  7. I am a very nerdy gal. I read a lot. I'm allergic to nature. Clumsy. I almost cried when my computer was down for a few days. Blown power supply. It was like coming home to find my pet had died. Nerdiness doesn't bother me. I know I'm cool.


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