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Friday, May 05, 2006

Even though it's Friday...

So, I haven't been posting, mostly because of a nagging depression. I'm getting better now, instead of worse, though, so that's something to celebrate. Even though it's Friday, here's my:

Thirteen Things I'm doing to be less depressed
  1. Pray. This has seriously proved to be the most effective antidepressant I've ever tried. (and it has a low risk of sexual side effects--like, really low. Like, if praying gives you problems in that's not the prayer, it's you.)
  2. Take my vitamins. Whoever invented Viactiv should get some sort of medal. I mean...chocolate vitamins! What kind of genius idea. I know they aren't quite as good as some others, but since they actually get down my throat on a regular basis, I think it cancels out just about any other weaknesses.
  3. Hang up this painting in my room. I painted it, I don't know what it means, but it makes me feel better to look at it. So I do.
  4. Eat better. I realized I've slipped into a habit of eating mostly junk food or no food. Not so good for the skin, the energy level, or the brain. I briefly contemplated a whole foods diet, but...the thought of giving up refined sugar all together is just too much for me this week. I'll think about it again later.
  5. Exercise! Not hard core or anything, but getting back to my morning yoga and that kind of good stuff. Maybe hit the gym once or twice a week. Maybe walking. Just a little bit of exercise. So my body doesn't explode from the shock or something.
  6. Leave myself signposts. A good friend who also struggles with recurring depression came up with this and it's BRILLIANT! The idea is, you leave your future self notes from your present self, so that when you get in a bad place emotionally, you can get help from yourself when you were in a good place. I have a sign on my fridge that says in plain English what to do:
    • If you're overwhelmed, make a list.
    • If you're scared, ask for help.
    • If you're exhausted, take a break.
    • If you feel like you can't move, ask for support and inspiration.
    Ya, I like to boss myself around. But if you've been there, you know. When you get in that deep dark hole, you need some clear, simple instructions.
  7. Listen to inspirational music. This really helps. My current favorite is My dad and 359 of his closest friends singing primary songs, but I've got a Michael McClean tape in the car and some Peter, Paul and Mary that the kids like. And my new phone (Valentine's gift from the blond hunk, of course, plays MP3s, so I can wear it around like a mental IV of good feelings.
  8. Cleaning up my environment. I don't like to clean, but I do like to live in a clean place. So until the maid returns from her vacation, I guess I'll have to do it. Here is my desk, currently:
    Hopefully I can post an "after" pic soon.
  9. Giving up my escapism. Less time wasted on the computer, more time actually living life. Go figure.
  10. The Pleasant Pixies. The Pleasant Pixies are mischievous, cunning little fairies that invade homes where *gasp* people are being unpleasant. Whining attracts them like nothing else. They come at night, and they break things. Temporarily, of course. They're usually willing to come back and fix what they've broken once everyone is being pleasant again. Their favorite things to break are TVs and DVD players. Sometimes (when mommies and daddies are being unpleasant) they even break computers. The Pleasant Pixies came last night and broke our TV. They even taped a copy of our family rules to the screen, decorated with pictures of themselves. Vandalous little pixies, aren't they? But, it's all in good fun because they will absolutely fix things they've broken once EVERYONE is being pleasant again. (They left a note on my computer limiting me to an hour/day and a warning to BE MORE PLEASANT!).
  11. Laugh with friends. I have friends, on the internet, in real life, friends I'm related to and friends I haven't seen in years. They make me laugh, and that makes me happy.
  12. Flylady. She's like a pleasant pixie herself, isn't she? Anyway, the only way #8 is going to get anywhere is with this chicky.
  13. Sink into it. This is a yoga trick I learned several years ago. When you've just about had it with a pose, and your body is screaming at your to untangle!!! and you've lost all focus...just sink into it. Every breath, just sink a little lower, or stand a little taller, or whatever you're doing that's it a little more. Yes, it's hard. Sink into it. When I start to get bored with the knockknock jokes or the diapers, just sink into it. This is my life. Live it deeper. Love it.
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