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Monday, September 10, 2007


From a pond?
This morning I went to visit the midwife who attended me when E was born. (Of note, E's birth was at home as planned, and was a totally normal, if rather quick birth.) I told 4-year-old E:
"We're going to go see the midwife who caught you."
"Caught me?"
"Yes, when you were born. She caught you and handed you right to me and I held you and loved you very much."
"I don't remember her."
"That's fine. She will remember you."
"But I liked being in the water."
"The water inside Mommy?" (I teach birth prep classes, so my kids know a bit more about life in the womb than most kids this age.)
"No, the water in the pond."
"The pond?"
"Where the midwife caught me. With a fishing pole. And then she gave me to you and you loved me and named me E."
"I like the name E. It's a good name."
"Well, good. We liked it, too."

Could You Repeat That?
In political news, did anyone else watching the hearing today find it amusing when the microphones for both General Petreaus and Ambassador Crocker did not WORK! Like a subtext. We asked you to speak to us but I'm sorry, we just can't hear you.

P!nk makes me happy.
My last birthday present arrived today. A new keyboard, with legible C, V, M, L, E, D, S and P keys. And it's PINK!

I love it.

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