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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dinner Fairy!

Have you heard about the Dinner Fairy? No, not the pizza delivery guy. The Dinner Fairy!

Go, read it. I'll wait.

See? Still here.

And I have a secret. My Dinner Freezer lives in my freezer! Alright, I'm the dinner fairy, too. And I stock my freezer once a month or so. But it feels like a dinner fairy when I open up the big white door and....MAGIC! Dinner! So I'm going to send my recipes to the dinner fairy site for others to enjoy. You should, too!

This little sweetheart (the Freezer Fairy) was made using The Flower Fairy Dollmaker, but my girls prefer this one. Quite inspirational, isn't she?

Freezer Fairy Recipes:
Teriyaki Chicken
Cheesy Potatoes with Ham
Shepherd's Pie
Orange Glazed Chicken and Parmesan Chicken (2 recipes, 1 post)

Tomorrow, maybe I'll bring out the Slow-cooker Fairy! She's hot stuff!

When I worked in college, my boss had a sign on his door. It said:
Good, Fast, Cheap.
Choose Two.

So if you have a dinner recipe that is at least two of those, Send it to the Dinner Fairy! I wanna see! I'll try it! Even if it has brussel sprouts! Expect to see recipes posted soon!

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